Chapter 13 political transformations empires and encounters notes outline

The Rise of the Mongols, Nomadism in Central and Inner Asia. The Mongol Conquests, Overland Trade and Disease. The Mongols and Islam, Mongol Rivalry. Islam and the State. Culture and Science in Islamic Eurasia. Regional Responses in Western Eurasia. Russia and Rule from Afar.

New States in Eastern Europe and Anatolia. Mongol Domination in China, The Yuan Empire, The Fall of the Yuan Empire. The Early Ming Empire, Ming China on a Mongol Foundation. Technology and Population. The Ming Achievement. Centralization and Militarism in East Asia, Korea from the Mongols to the Yi, Political Transformation in Japan, The Emergence of Vietnam, AP World History.

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The Mughal Empire and Historical Reputation: Crash Course World History #217

Chapter 7. Chapter 8. Chapter 9. Chapter: CCOT Info. CCOT Notes. CCOT Rubric. Generic Rubric. Unit 1.Chapter Political Transformations. January 13, Post a Comment. Popular posts from this blog. March 14, Colonial Encounters in Asia, Africa, and Oceania - The capitalistic culture birthed by the Industrial Revolution set up European second-wave colonial initiatives. Europeans discovered that foreign investment and global imperialism was beneficial to their economy.

The industrial era also influenced Europeans to develop a sense of secular superiority that caused them to diminish their perceptions of other cultures and view them as uncivilized, animal-like savages.

Nineteenth century colonialism was distinctive from first-wave initiatives in several ways. For example, Europeans justified their superiority and acts of conquest through "scientific racism" Strayer Socially, political forces like tax-collection and class status divides were deeper integrated, like the British appropriation of the traditional caste system in India. Europeans even established a tribal Africa that sharpened the Western "we" versus "them" divide of "weaker race….

Read more. April 01, Global Communism The communist system promised equality and opportunity. It was a system people experimented with, rooted in the ideas of Marx: industrialization and revolution.

chapter 13 political transformations empires and encounters notes outline

Personally, I love Marxist theory because I see capitalism as the core cause of class conflict, and the cause the myth of the American Dream that comes up in many discussions. Communism is an extreme form of socialism. Communism rose in several places throughout the world following World War II during the twentieth century, but its primary places were Russia and China.

Communist revolutions echoed the French Revolution as there were peasant upheavals because of the unfairness of high social classes with a goal of promoting utmost social equality for the lower classes. I have Communist Manifestobut I just need time to read it. It is Eurocentric to say that communism has fallen because there are still countries in the world that consider themselves to be communist.

When we say this, we are not embracing how th….

GWU - HIST - Political Transformations - Class Notes

Catholic Social Teaching Handout. April 20, Catholic Social Teaching Handout Reflection There are a total of "nine themes that form the heart of Catholic social teaching" 1. What is most unique about it is that it is "grounded on a complete theological framework in which God is the ultimate source of our rights" Post a Comment.

January 16, I found this chapter very interesting because empires are not seen much today, so it was very fun to read about how things were back then. Building empires was a very competitive global process that we see in the years of This timeline of events on page of our textbook is really helpful to understand the order of the colonizations:.

Colonial Empires in the Americas:. For the colonial empires in the Americas, the Inca and Aztec empires were really the first ones but were later taken over by more powerful empires that formed such as the Portuguese, British, French, and the Dutch. As these empires quickly formed, major change began and tradition as well as old societies were no longer seen. I could see how this would be very frustrating for the Native people. To me, it is very disheartening to read about how aggressive these takeovers were.

Instead of coming in and conquering, they created a completely new society and changed everything that the Natives knew. Not only did these conquered countries daily lives change, but they also began to produce and create mix races. British colonies that settled in North America were very different than their counterparts in Latin America. Unlike their Spanish counterparts, the British outnumbered the Natives by more than half. At this time most of the colonies were European, and numbers of the Native people began to decrease due to fighting and harmful diseases brought over by the Europeans.

First they were taken over and now they are extremely outnumbered and very close to becoming extinct as a whole. The Spanish and Portuguese colonies were prospering at this time and the British and French were struggling with the North American colony.

In my opinion, these colonial empires that formed, ended up dividing the entire world and causing more harm than good. Russian Emperical Expansion in Siberia:. During the same time as all of this, Russian empirical expansion was happening in Siberia. Russia was focused on expanding its territories because they lacked security and were determined to gain it back by creating a huge empire.

They took over the Mongol Empire completely and even sold many to slavery. Russia saw Siberia as an advantage because they would receive much more opportunity. They admired their many animals and gold which could be sold or traded. This new powerful Russian Empire was built during the years of and The map on page in our textbook shows the expansion of the Russian Empire:. Just like the colonial empires in the Americas, the Russians also outnumbered the natives by a lot.

What was different about these two empirical expansions is that the empire in the Americas later pushed the Native people into reservations to be isolated, but the Russian empire did not do that so the Siberians lost a lot of culture after this takeover. What is also different about the two is that the Western Europeans did not have any plan of taking over the Americas to gain power, they had just ran into the land while exploring the Atlantic Ocean.

Whereas the Russians were power hungry and looking for places to takeover to gain territory and products to help improve their economy. Today in class we wrote down a chart to help us remember what countries went where and what their impact was on these countries so I thought it would be helpful to add it to my class blog:. North America. Who Came? The Spanish came. The Portuguese came. The British came.

Intent to stay?Basic themes of Chinese civilization underwent vital consolidation during the postclassical period. Although less fundamental innovation occurred than in the Middle East, the Americas, and Europe, important developments took place in technology.

chapter 13 political transformations empires and encounters notes outline

The scholar-gentry class lost ground to landed families. Non-Chinese nomads ruled much of China, and a foreign religion, Buddhism, replaced Confucianism as a primary force in cultural and political life. There was economic, technological, intellectual, and urban decline.

New dynasties, the Sui and Tang, from the end of the 6th century brought a restoration of Chinese civilization. A noble, Wendi, with the support of nomadic military leaders, won control of northern China. Inhe defeated the Chen kingdom that ruled much of the south and established the Sui dynasty as rulers of the traditional Chinese core. Wendi won popularity by lowering taxes and establishing granaries to ensure a stable, cheap food supply. Sui Excesses and Collapse. He reformed the legal code and the Confucian educational system.

The scholar-gentry were brought back into the imperial administration. Yangdi undertook extensive and expensive construction projects in the new capital, Loyang, and built a series of canals to link the empire. He attempted unsuccessfully to conquer Korea and was defeated by Turkic nomads in central Asia in Widespread revolts followed.

Imperial rule crumbled, and Yangdi was assassinated in The Emergence of the Tang and the Restoration of the Empire. Imperial unity was saved when Li Yuan, Duke of Tang and a former supporter of the Sui, won control of China and began the Tang dynasty. The Tang utilized Turkic nomads in their military and tried to assimilate them into Chinese culture.

chapter 13 political transformations empires and encounters notes outline

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chapter 13 political transformations empires and encounters notes outline

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